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Glamour Illusions F.A.Q.

Q: What is this website all about?

A: The website is a showcase for the performances of glamour models and dancers with stage magic illusions . We have taken the normal format of the stage illusion and tried to bring out the erotic and kinky aspects. It's no accident that stage magicians usually have gorgeous, slender, stunning female assistants- we've just taken that to its logic conculsion!

Q: But- saws and guillotines and kinves through the neck? Isn't this site just about violence to women?

A: There is a BIG difference between fantasy and reality. The fantasy of a heroine menaced by a whirling sawblade, tied down to the table as the saw relentlessly approaches, is a powerful one. Of course we do not want real women to really be hurt! It is all supposed to be a bit playful, a bit kinky and very tongue-in-cheek. This site is about fantasy- and in the fantasy, you can repair all the damage with a snap of your fingers and your assistant steps forward to take a bow. It isn't reality- don't confuse the two!

Q: How do I open the ZIP files?

A: On Windows XP, just double click the ZIP file- a directory window will open. Drag and drop the files to a normal directory on your hard drive. If you don't have windows XP, you can use a shareware file extractor such as WinZip or similar programs.

Q: What if I have a problem with downloading purchased stuff?

A: CLICK HERE For Shopping cart support. If they are unable to solve your issue please get in touch with the site owners via our Contact Page and we will see if we can put things straight.

Q: Why do you charge for this stuff? Shouldn't the web be free?

A: The money to put together these performances has to come from somewhere! To stage one of these photosets we need to hire a model (who has to eat and so has to be paid), we need the illusion itself, studio space, costumes, props, studio lighting, cameras, maybe a cameraman to assist with the filming. Then we have to process the pics, edit the videos, and pay the bandwidth costs to run the site. One performance may only take 10 minutes on screen but it will have taken hours to organise, rehearse, shoot, edit and prepare for you. You just can't do it for free- it costs typically a thousand dollars or more in hard cash, and that's without our time and effort. So we have to charge, or we won't be able to afford to do any more performances.


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